Welcome to the RFCC Team!

The RFCC Story

While watching an early season Supercross race on TV, during the cold Colorado winter, and enjoying a cup of coffee...an idea was birthed! Whether you’re gearing up at the track, an early morning in the desert or the dunes, adventuring a winding road or mountain trail, a great cup of coffee starts the day off right! For our fellow enthusiasts, friends and family, Race Fuel Coffee was created for YOU!

RFCC combines the need for caffeine, with a need for speed… yes on two wheels...or four. Riding isn’t about being fast or slow, but about making friends and spending time with those you love.  Buying Race Fuel Coffee connects you to the rest of us that love going fast, going slow, wherever we choose to be--riding the machines we all love so much. 

Buy some coffee today, share with friends, and be part of the community--rain or shine, good day or bad day, good times, or bad times—where a cup o’ coffee and your wheels make everything alright.

RFCC Sponsorship Program

In addition to providing quality coffee for you to enjoy, RFCC has a mission to partner with AMA Supercross and Motocross Privateers needing Factory support. Through the RFCC Sponsorship Program we support their effort to make the big shows! Every purchase from RFCC funds privateers to help with gas money, parts, hotels, and more! Check out the “Why RFCC” and Team Sponsorship page.

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us your story by connecting with us here on the RFCC website at the button below or posting on our social media accounts!

Thank You for being part of the RFCC Team!

A Tribute to Our Dad...

Dusty was 5 years old in Wisconsin when a cousin put him on a Yamaha Enduro, DT 250, and took him for a ride. From that moment, he knew there was nothing better in life than being on a motorcycle. At 16 years old, Dusty ran out of gas money and found a job at a local motorcycle shop - Montclair Yamaha in Southern California. First day at the shop, Dusty was tasked with cleaning a brand new 1984 YZ490 (just like the one pictured at Denver Supercorss 2023!).  After cleaning that bike and then helping people discover, enjoy, and maintain a life of riding motorcycles, he was hooked!

Twenty-five years later, Dusty was still at the same Yamaha Dealership educating new riders on what to buy, helping existing riders improve their experience, and falling in love with new models of bikes year after year. As Dusty says, “Nothing in this world can captivate someone like a motorcycle. Riding, camping, and racing motorcycles with friends, family, and other enthusiasts, is like nothing else on earth.”

Dusty instilled the love of riding in his children and he still enjoys riding today, watching his sons grow faster and faster on their bikes, lending mechanical advice when needed, and connecting with other enthusiasts on the Colorado trails.

Although he is no longer connected to the Powersports industry as an employee, a legacy was created and continues today. That legacy includes treating customers with respect, going the extra mile to meet their needs, and inspiring them with excitement for their riding adventures. He also passed those same values on to his kids. And, that legacy is at the heart of Race Fuel Coffee Co. – great customer support for you, delicious coffee to fuel your fun, and inspiring you with excitement for your next riding adventure!

Thanks, Dad!


RFCC Privateer Sponsorship

RFCC is partnering with AMA Supercross and Motocross Privateers needing Factory support that are struggling to make races. The world of motocross favors the top 95%, and we are on a mission to change that. Every purchase from RFCC funds privateers like Kyle pictured on the left at Spring Creek. From gas money, parts, hotels, and more RFCC is directly impacting privateers across the sport!

Where does the coffee come from?

Race Fuel is grown in the Indonesian highlands, organic, ethically sourced, and most of all great tasting 100% Arabica coffee.

Will there be more Team Gear?

Yes! And we want your ideas! Please fill out a 'Contact Us' form and tell us what you would love to wear!

How can I get involved?

Buying Coffee and Team Gear is the number 1 way! If you want to do more, fill out a wholesale form if you have a physical location, or ask us about sponsoring a rider!