• Enduro

    RFCC Enduro Team races the RMEC Series. The Team also frequently rides any OHV available from Rampart Range, Woodland Park, CO Spring, Crested Butte, to Moab and Nevada. Send us a DM to join the Team for a ride!

    Enduro Team 
  • Motocross

    RFCC Motocross Team races Professional and Amateur Outdoor AMA Races. From Thunder Valley, Aztec, IMI, and more the team can be seen at most local tracks every Saturday!

    Motocross Team 
  • Mountainbike

    RFCC MTB rides all trails, tracks, and downhill parks in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Catch them at Trestle, Crested Butte, Breck, and more every weekend!

  • 4x4

    RFCC 4x4 is not afraid to break a vehicle to have a good time! Pushing 4x4's to the limits is a love all of our riders share. Join the team on a group drive posted on our Instagram!

  • Roadbikes

    RFCC Roadbike races the CRIT series in Colorado, and long form races throughout the central US. Come watch and have a beer with us after a race!

  • Supersport

    RFCC Supersport, where to start? From high speed wheelies to riding bikes louder than fighter jets this group is full of road enthusiasts, speed demons, and all out goons. If you see them on the road, jump in the group!

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